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Potluck is Arkansas’ only food rescue organization. All Potluck’s food and services are provided without charge to non-profit charitable organizations feeding at-risk Arkansans. To apply for food assistance for your organization, CLICK HERE.

Newsletter : November 2014
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You are cordially invited NOT to attend

The 23rd Annual Not At All a Ball 

Here’s How Our Pretend Party Works...

As an alternative to inviting you to attend an actual ball, we’re inviting you to stay home and consider sending us what you might have spent attending that swell soirée instead.

Think about it. Your participation in our phantom fête will help us feed more than 14,000 children, adults and working poor/homeless families each week by supporting POTLUCK’s ability to source, rescue and distribute the most nutritious food possible to our network of food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters and KIDS’ PANTRY sites.

Statewide, one in four Arkansans don’t know where or when their next meal is coming. Your support helps us ensure that doors remain open at community food programs where our hungry neighbors turn for groceries or meals. 

Again, we invite you to be a couch potato. Sit back, relax and help us get to work.

French Fry Dress

Date: Sometime between now …
and then

Time: Hmmmm

Place: Your favorite chair or spot on the sofa

Ticket Price: Whatever your generosity will allow

Attire: None whatsoever

To place your order, call (501) 371-0303 or
CLICK HERE to use the email form on our Contact Us page.

About Potluck

Statewide, Arkansas has over 400 authorized recycling centers that turn an estimated 3.4 million tons of paper, plastic, aluminum, etc. into re-usable products annually…and only one food rescue organization that turns over 2,255 tons of excess, un-served food into more than 5.5 million meals for hungry Arkansans.

Established in 1989, Potluck is food rescue for Arkansas and our mission is to alleviate hunger by bridging the gap between excess food and the hungry.

In 2009, the organization rescued over 4.5 million pounds of a wide variety of food from restaurants, hospitals, caterers, farmers, farmer’s markets, corporate cafeterias, specialty food stores, bakeries, dairies, schools, wholesalers and more.

Food is distributed free of charge to a broad, diverse and rapidly growing network of nonprofit community food programs that include: KIDS’ PANTRY sites serving children at-risk, soup kitchens, day centers for seniors and veterans, homeless shelters, women’s emergency shelters and food pantries.

When there’s good food that’s going unused – rescuing it so it can be put into the hand of those who need it the most makes good sense.

Potluck is proof that the smart idea of food rescue can be transformed into a fully-functioning and efficient operation that helps feed Arkansans at-risk.

Potluck, Arkansas’ only food rescue organization, has been committed to reducing hunger and improving nutrition among at-risk Arkansans since its inception in 1989.

The organization rescues a wide variety of high quality excess, un-served prepared, fresh, frozen and other food but are used instead to provide over 5 million meals annually for hungry Arkansans.

FOOD DONORS: Food is rescued from hundreds of food businesses to include: restaurants, hospitals, caterers, hotels, corporate cafeterias, groceries, specialty markets, dairies, wholesales – and more. This food is then distributed free of charge to a broad and diverse network of community food programs that help feed at-risk children, adults, families and the elderly.

MISSION: Potluck’s mission is to Alleviate hunger by bridging the gap between excess food and the hungry and is carried out by rescuing/distributing food and developing additional effective hunger programs to complement our work.

WHO WE SERVE: Potluck serves community food programs throughout central Arkansas and the state to include: children’s programs; women’s emergency shelters; soup kitchens; homeless shelters; organizations serving displaced veterans and Hispanic families; senior day centers and food pantries.

FUNDING: Support comes from individuals, foundations, religious organizations and civic groups. Potluck is a nonprofit organization exempt from Federal taxation under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code (EIN: 71-0709327).

Every $1 donated helps Potluck provide a wide variety of food for over 19 meals to hungry Arkansans. 

 Photographs by Nancy Nolan Photography

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